Embodied Emplacement

One of the real pleasures of grad school has been the time and space to expand my practice and my circle of collaborators. I first worked with Matthew Ariaratnam on a performance installation project in March 2016 (with fellow SFU student Dave Biddle), and this past fall he created sound for my production of The Danube. While we continue to work on each other's projects, we've also developed a collaborative walking practice and this week we'll share our first work: Embodied Emplacement: a multi modal walkshop presented by Vancouver New Music.

Drawing on Steph Ceraso’s call for “multi-modal listening” alongside practices of soundwalking, field recording, in situ composition, and map making, Matthew Ariaratnam and Julie Hammond will lead a 90 minute “walkshop” around New Westminster’s waterfront. Participants will be asked to explore sensory inputs in select locations via playing, singing, listening, walking, touching, and writing.
Sunday, April 9, 2017; 2PM
Led by Matthew Ariaratnam and Julie Hammond
Meeting Location: Outside the Anvil Centre (777 Columbia Street, New Westminster – one block east from the New Westminster skytrain station) [map]