Julie Hammond in  Môj Gidget . Photo: Jeff Forbes

Julie Hammond in Môj Gidget. Photo: Jeff Forbes

Môj Gidget

A California-born Jew travels to a landlocked country to learn to surf. Pop music, dentistry, and family stories collide with Holocaust humour, inflatable palm trees, and beach fantasy. 

“Julie Hammond’s autobiographical Môj Gidget manages to connect her own family of Holocaust survivors with the titular teenage surfer girl in a kind of anthropological travelogue…. As she describes her trip to an Eastern European ER after a wakeboarding wipeout, her surf board rolls by in a lovely aloha moment.” - Seattle Dances

Artistic Team: Director/Writer: Julie Hammond; Sound Design: Matthew Ariaratnam; Scenic Design: Robert Leveroos; Lighting Design: Kyla Gardiner; Dramaturg / Expert Jew: Caroline Liffmann; Consulting Designer: Natalie Purschwitz; Assistant Lighting Design: Jocelyn Kim; Skateboard refinishing: Cindy Kao

Cast: Julie Hammond, Amanda Sum, Nicola Rough, Matthew Ariaratnam

Performances:  June 15-17, 2017; NW New Works Festival, On the Boards, Seattle, WA

Môj Gidget is a 20 minute performance created by writer-director Julie Hammond, performers Amanda Sum & Nicola Rough, dramaturg Caroline Liffmann, designers Mathew Ariaratnam, Robert Leveroos, Kyla Gardiner, Natalie Purschwitz, and workshop participants Annie Therrien Boulos, Eddy Van Wyk, Montserrat Videla, and Dominique Jenkins. 

Research and travel for this project was made possible in part by a Graduate International Travel Award, Travel and Minor Research Award, and the FCAT Travel fund.