Erin Leddy & Takahiro Yamamoto. Photo Credit: Sarah Marguier

Erin Leddy & Takahiro Yamamoto. Photo Credit: Sarah Marguier

Object Karaoke (2019)

What if things could speak? What could they tell us?
Or are they speaking already and we just don't hear them?
Walter Benjamin, “On Language as Such and on the Language of Man”

Created using objects from Artists Rep's 2018-19 season, Object Karaoke (2019) is a farewell production to the soon-to-be demolished Alder Stage that listens to the songs and mutterings of objects. By tuning into the language of things, we can hear how bird cages communicate with picnic supplies, turn up the siren song of the disco ball, and finally know the secret whisperings of the theatre seats. What might these previously unlistened to things tell us about the 22 year history of the Alder Stage? Object Karaoke (2019) is a continuation of research into "thing power" begun with Object Karaoke (2018).

Artistic Team: 

Created by: Erika M Anderson, Michael Cavazos, Julie Hammond, Miranda Hardy, Liz Hayden, Erin Leddy, Jen Mitas, Kaj-anne Pepper, and Takahiro Yamamoto with additional text from Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, Joe Landry, Hito Steyerl, and Walter Benjamin.

Directed by: Julie Hammond
Performed & Designed by: EMA/Erika M Anderson (sound), Miranda Hardy (lights), Liz Hayden, Erin Leddy, Kaj-anne Pepper (video), and Takahiro Yamamoto
Stage Manager & Performer: Michael Cavazos
Dramaturgy & Original Concept by: Jen Mitas
Stuff Voice Over: Barbie Wu
Produced by Hand2Mouth Theatre


  • March 29-30, 2019; Artists Repertory Theatre - Alder Stage, Portland, OR