Môj Gidget Workshop

I just wrapped up two weeks in the studio and am bursting at the seams with ideas for what's next in this crazy process of building a new show. I've spent much of the last few months writing on my own and it's been great to step away from text and begin to explore space and objects and what they can say and tell and do. With input from scenic designer Robert Leveroos, I assembled a collection of palm trees and beach objects, and then my beautiful crew of performers (Amanda Sum, Nicola Rough, Annie Therrien Boulos, Eddy Van Wyk, Montserrat Videla, and Dominique Jenkins) alongside sound designer Matthew Ariaratnam, dramaturg Caroline Liffmann, and special guest Michelle Milne started to play. We packed beach bags, rolled around on skateboards, made seagull sounds, and tried our best to create a bit of Gidget-style magic.