Night Walk 2

Last spring when I invited Radix Theatre's Andrew Laurenson to attend my Future Markers Community Walk he mentioned he was working on some "art walk" projects of his own. We didn't have a chance to talk about his future walking plans then, but this March I had the chance to attend Radix's first Night Walk, a 10km adventure in pouring rain through the darkness of Vancouver. It was exhilarating (and yes, cold), full of surprise and delight, and left me feeling more full than anything I'd experienced in a long time. I was super happy then when Andrew reached out to ask if I could help out with Night Walk 2: a new route, a few new additions, and a new way of walking (one larger group rather than many small ones). About 20 people, some known to us, some not, joined the walk through the (this time) dry night air. A few photos from the walk below.