Môj Gidget b/w Other Inland Empires [Working Title]

Really excited to learn about the beach room--complete with changeable sun intensity, seagull sounds, and salty air--in the Vreugdehof care centre in Amsterdam via Cretien van Campen.


Small Temporary. A micro beach installed as part of The Spaces of Art, the 2016 MA/MFA Symposium at Simon Fraser University's World Art Centre, Vancouver, BC.

(pictured from L to R: Dave Biddle, Cale Plut, Matthew Ariaratnam, Linnea Gwiazda, Sasha Ivanochko) 

Photos and such from a summer 2016 beach culture research trip in Germany, Slovakia, and Hungary towards a new project. Or, Q: how does one learn to surf in a land-locked country? A: by visiting a tropical paradise built into a former zeppelin factory.